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Shochiku’s Mission

To pass on and develop the tradition of Japanese culture and thereby contribute to the culture of the world.
To understand the needs of the times and deliver a rich diversity of content to all generations.

The Business Development Division works in realizing Shochiku’s mission mentioned above through the collaboration with various companies and partners, not only in Japan but also at a global scale.

With more than 120 years of knowledge and experience in the entertainment sector, Shochiku strategically utilizes its intellectual property to overcome various boundaries: categories that distinguishes theaters to non-conventional venues, genres between film and theatrical plays, or the concept of reality and virtual reality, allowing flexibility in the planning and development of new entertainment businesses and contents.

In our recent endeavors, there are various productions that feature “Kabuki and new technology.” They are collaborations between traditional Japanese culture and the latest technology, seemingly two opposing factors, critically acclaimed both in Japan and overseas for accomplishing an innovating worldwide diffusion of Japanese culture.

2015-16 Japan KABUKI Festival in Las Vegas

2015-16 Japan KABUKI Festival in Las Vegas

In 2015 Kabuki was presented for the first time in Las Vegas, and the following year Kabuki was performed in a local theater.

2016-2021 Cho Kabuki

2016 Cho Kabuki

A futuristic Kabuki production starring a Kabuki actor and a virtual singer. Since the premier in 2016, it has become a yearly event and established itself as a new genre of Kabuki.

We strive to further develop also in these new types of projects with various international partners.

Kabuki Overseas

Kabuki Overseas PerformancesPhoto: Shochiku Grand Kabuki, traditional Kabuki Curtain decorates Palais Garnier (Paris Opera House), 2007

Japan’s treasured traditional culture Kabuki. Shochiku is the only commercial producer and distributor of this performance tradition (https://www/ and since 1928, the company has been presenting performances in various countries based on invitations and requests from local foreign governing organizations and affiliates. In the past 90 years, Kabuki performances have taken place in 38 countries, 115 cities, adding up to 76 overseas productions contributing to various forms of cultural exchanges, likening the traveling Kabuki troop to a diplomatic envoy.

Kabuki has more than 400 years of history, yet it is still the leader in live entertainment and Japanese culture today.
The variety of productions ranges from the traditional classics to innovative Kabuki that integrates leading technology: themes vary from the pursuits of unwavering human drama to humorous and witty comedy, as well as dances filled with stylized beauty, in the infinite repertoire.
The scale of the performance can be adapted to full-scale Grand Kabuki presented in major venues to events created for smaller spaces that can also focus on educational workshops.
According to your program, audience, and budget, we can propose various project plans most suitable to your request.