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The Business Development Division was launched in September 2019 as a new sector within Shochiku Co. Ltd.

Shochiku’s Mission

To pass on and develop the tradition of Japanese culture and thereby contribute to the culture of the world.
To understand the needs of the times and deliver a rich diversity of content to all generations.

The Business Development Division works in realizing Shochiku’s mission mentioned above through the collaboration with various companies and partners, not only in Japan but also at a global scale.
With more than 120 years of knowledge and experience in the entertainment sector, Shochiku strategically utilizes its intellectual property to remove various limits: characteristics that distinguishes theaters from non-conventional venues, genres between film and theatrical plays, or the concept of reality and virtual reality – thus allowing flexibility in the planning and development of new entertainment businesses and contents.

Our Major Projects

2015-16 Japan KABUKI Festival in Las Vegas A special stage was setup in the iconic fountains of Hotel Bellagio, Las Vegas (2015).
A unique Kabuki performance was presented at MGM Grand’s David Copperfield Theater to an audience visiting from all over the world (2016).

Japan KABUKI Festival in Las Vegas 2015 & 2016

With the support of sponsors, subsidies from the Japanese government, and contributions from various businesses, the first Kabuki performance in Las Vegas took place in 2015. Following this success, a staged Kabuki production was presented in an established theatrical venue the following year.

KABUKI LION Shi-Shi-O (2016) won Grand Prize at the 1st Cool Japan Matching Award (2017)

2016-2021 Cho Kabuki Otogizoshi Koi-no Sugata-e (2021). Costarring Kabuki actor Nakamura Shido and virtual singer Hatsune Miku. A sold-out event blending cutting edge technology with Kabuki’s traditional mastery.

Cho Kabuki

This futuristic Kabuki performance starring a real-life Kabuki actor and virtual singer was co-produced and premiered in 2016. Since its debut, the performances have continued every year and now established itself as a new genre of Kabuki.

Cho Kabuki’s Hanakurabe Senbonzakura was awarded Grand Prize in the 1st Cool Japan Matching Award (2017) and the Grand Prize in the 22nd AMD Digital Content of the Year Award / Minister of Internal Affairs and Communication Award (2016)

Kyoto Mirai Matsuri 2019 Noryo-yuka (famous tradition of outdoor seating set up along the Kamo River to enjoy the summer breezes in Kyoto) recreated by Augmented Reality (AR) technology to set the futuristic matsuri atmosphere.

Kyoto Mirai Matsuri

Japan’s oldest theater Kyoto Minami-za hosted an “innovative matsuri-festival” in collaboration with other businesses to combine new technology with contemporary culture. The venue presented live performances by star artists in the “Otomatsuri” and other events featuring street food at “Hirumatsuri” and reimagined nightlife experience of “Yorumatsuri” attracted a diverse crowd.

Kyoto Mirai Matsuri 2019 is the recipient of the 6th JACE Event Award, Excellence Award.

XF Live Entertainment presents Osaka’s Past and Future

XF Live Entertainment presents Osaka’s Past and Future

“XF (Cross Fading) Live Entertainment presents Osaka’s Past and Future” was awarded the “Osaka Reborn Award” for the Reborn Contents Excavation Project, in which various ideas for the pavilions and exhibitions for the International Expo 2025, Osaka, Kansai, were submitted and evaluated.

The essence of Kamigata Bunka, culture cultivated in the Osaka and Kyoto region and reknown for its richness in history and allure, is blended with experimental technology developed by Shochiku, such as metaverse technology and entertainment software that does not rely on specific devices – the goal is to make cultural experiences borderless and accessible to everybody, and without time and geographical constraints.

Daikanyama Metaverse Studio and META Kabuki

Daikanyama Metaverse Studio and META Kabuki

In January 2022, Shochiku opened a research and development center dedicated to virtual production methods called Daikanyama Metaverse Studio. Research extends to investigating needs for 3D data and CG effects in Shochiku’s film and theatrical productions, as well as collaborating with independent and corporate creators to produce new projects. The first project presented by this studio, “META Kabuki Genji Memories” is a new Kabuki based on the classic Japanese masterpiece, Tales of Genji. The performative skills of real actors and a virtual backdrop are combined in real-time and transmitted live. A Kabuki performance was presented in the metaverse for the first time in its performance history.

We strive to further develop also in these new types of projects with various international partners.


Shochiku Digital Fashion Project

Shochiku Digital Fashion Project

Shochiku Group has teamed up with U.S. digital fashion company DRESSX to digitize stunning traditional dance costumes from the Japanese stage




Kabuki has more than 400 years of history, yet it is still the leader in live entertainment and Japa...